Motor Vehicle Insurance

No one can predict accidents occur to them and how much they would have to pay if any accident occurred. The accident does not happen only with young and inattentive drivers, it takes place anytime, every day with all the different people. Therefore, don't worry about that, CAMINCO insurance will protect you and your family against financial loss and lawsuits caused by an accident.

CAMINCO provides coverage from Private vehicles to Commercial vehicles and Motorcycle, such as sedans, station wagons, four-wheel drives, picks up, taxis, vans, buses, fuel tank trucks, cement mixer trucks, dump trucks, goods trucks, etc.

  • Private vehicles used for family, institution, organization, association and company.
  • Commercial vehicles used for business purposes such as pickup and drop, cargo delivery or client servicing etc.
Type of Coverage:
  • Third party liability (TPL): cover your liabilities in respect of injuries or deaths to others (not inside your car) and damage to other people's vehicle or property (not your own vehicle or property) when your car is at fault in an accident.
  • Passenger liability (PL): covers you, your driver and passengers for any legal liability whilst travelling in your vehicle.
  • Own damage (OD): cover for damage caused to your own car as a result of an accident.
  • Theft: covers for loss your own car as a result of theft.
  • Strike, riot and civil commotion (SRCC): covers your own car against damage caused by strike, riot and civil commotion.
  • Comprehensive: provide the wide coverage including third party liability, passenger liability, own damage, theft and strike, riot and civil commotion.

To save money on your insurance, we offer multi-vehicle credit up to 40% discount when you insure more than one car with us.

No Claim Bonus:

To reward our customers for renewing their coverage with us, we offer a renewal credit up to 50% discount at fifth year or more renewal.

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