Electronic Equipment Insurance

Provides an All Risks cover for damage to electronic equipment, such as computers and computer related peripherals, data processing equipment, auxiliary equipment in the computer or electronic room data carrying media, telecommunication systems and printing equipment.

Scope of Cover

  • Provides an "All Risks" cover catering to the actual repair and/ or replacement cost and other financial consequences, following the loss of or damage to the insured electronic equipment (hardware and software), arising from any accidental cause.
  • Insurers will pay for all such loss or damage up to an amount not exceeding the sum insured.
Underwriting Information

  • General information e.g. (name, address, location of risk, nature of business).
  • Declaration of the interests to be insured (e.g. description of electronic equipment and data media to be insured, and rental fees for replacement equipment).
  • Risk-specific information (e.g. claim and insurance history).
Why you need Electronic Equipment Insurance
It is important to your business portfolio due to the following:
  • Computers and electronic equipment are often sensitive and represent a huge capital investment.
  • They are highly suceptible to damage and an accident may result in heavy financial loss to your business
  • A partial failure to a computer installation may have far-reaching and damaging effects on business, as a computer installation is usually the nerve and core center of an organisation.
Claim Procedure
  • If any event giving or likely to give rise to a claim under this Policy comes to his knowledge the Insured shall:
    • Notify CAMINCO immediately
    • Notify the police immediately in case of damage by malicious means.
    • Carry out and permit any reasonable practical actions necessary to prevent further damages.
  • Deliver to the CAMINCO at insured's expense (within a stipulated time or such further time as allowed by the CAMINCO):
    • Full information in writing of damage and amount.
    • Details of other insurance covering the same property
    • All evidence and information as may reasonably be required.
    • If demanded, a statutory declaration of the truth of the claim or any connected matters.
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