Money Insurance

Money Insurance is an All Risks Basis Policy which covers the insured against loss or destruction of a damage to money whilst in transit and on the premises.

Money in transit: in the personal eustody of the insured and /or persons authorised by the insured between the insured's premises, including transit from private residence of the insured or authorised persons to the bank or any designated location.

Money on the premises: during business hours, or out of business hours, but secured in a locked safe or strong room.

  • In a night sate at a bank.
  • The cost of repaire or replacement of the safe or strongroom being damaged not otherwise insured directly associated with any theft or attempted theft occurring during the period of insurance.
Underwriting Information
  • The amount of money in transit annually and at any one time.
  • The method of transporting money (e.g. the use of CISCO or security guards).
  • The parties carrying or transporting the money (e.g. own employees, contract employees, foreign employees, etc.).
  • The protection of money at the premises or elsewhere (e.g. whether they are kept in locked safe or strongroom).
  • The system of keeping records for the movement of money.
Why you need Money Insurance
  • Certain trades handles large volumes of cash transactions, such as money changers, retailers and departmental stores or store money in various places, such as in the business premises or during transit to or from a bank.
  • When such large amount of money go missing or get stolen, organisations may experience serious cash-flow problems.
  • Therefore, it is wise that these organisations consider taking up Money Insurance to protect against the risk of physical money loss.
Claim Procedure
On discovery of any event which may give rise to a claim under this policy, the insured shall:
  • Give immediate notice to the police and the insurer.
  • Take all practical steps to discover any guilty person and recover the money lost.
  • Within seven days (or further time as allowed by CAMINCO) deliver a written claim to the insurer together with all necessary and relevant information and other evidence with respect to the claim.
Policy Wording
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