Burglary/ Theft Insurance
Scope of cover
Burglary insurance insures loss or destruction or damage to property insured arising from or as a result of:
  • Theft or attempted theft involving forcible and violent entry to or exit from the premises.
  • Theft following assualt or violence or threat there of to the insured.
The property insured is:
  • Stock in trade
  • Goods held in trust or on commission
  • Machinery, plant, office equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings.
Why you need theft insurance
  • The theft insurance provides compensation to you in the event of loss/ damage of the property insured due to theft.
Underwriting Information
  • Type of goods to be insured
  • Value of goods to be insured
  • Location(s) where goods are stored
  • Maximum amount of risk per location if the goods are stored at difterent premses
  • Type of security measures taken for the premises
  • e.g. The use of locks, grils, burglar alarm, security guards, etc.
  • Previous claims experience
  • Others may be required
Claim Procedure
If any event that might give rise to a claim under the policy, the insured or the insured's authorised person must:
  • Give immediate notice to the police, and take all practical step to discover the guilty persons and to recover the property lost.
  • Report within fourteen (14) days of the event providing detailed particulars, proof and evidence in support of the claim. In case of the event of the claim being made against the policy, the insured or the authorised insured's persons shall:
  • Provide evidence to prove that the loss or damage claimed for has actually arisen from one of the cause insured against.
  • Give all reasonable assistance to CAMINCO
  • Not abandon any property to CAMINCO
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